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A wonderful day start with wonderful things.

A wonderful day start with wonderful things. A Wonderful Day Starts with Wonderful Things at Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary The sanctuary serves as a haven for these majestic creatures, offering a haven where they roam freely in their natural habitat, away from exploitation. Here, visitors have the extraordinary opportunity to witness firsthand the beauty and intelligence […]

Experience more than experience.

Experience more than experience. More than just an experience available at the Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia, this signifies an opportunity to create cherished and meaningful memories beyond typical tourism. It’s a place where you can intimately interact with elephants without causing harm to them, and also learn about the environment and the significance of animal […]

Save the Elephants.

Save the Elephants. “Save the elephants” is a rallying cry and a call to action for the conservation and protection of elephants, particularly in the face of the many threats they currently face. Elephants are majestic creatures that play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitats, and they are also culturally […]

Activities to do in CAMBODIA Elephant Sanctuary.

Activities to do in CAMBODIA Elephant Sanctuary. The Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary: Nestled amidst the country’s lush jungles and serene countryside, Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary is a haven for rescued elephants. Established by a dedicated team of conservationists, this sanctuary is not only a remarkable wildlife refuge but also an excellent place for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences […]

Why riding elephants should be taboo?

Why riding elephants should be taboo? Riding damages the health of an elephant because its back is definitely not made for carrying the weight of people for the entire day. Let us explain to you the anatomy of an elephant in a nutshell: The backbone of an elephant differs from that of a horse. An […]


On-site purchase: You can buy the ticket at the ticket office near the entrance of the Angkor Archaeological Park. Payment is typically accepted in cash (US dollars) or local currency. Online purchase: Some websites allow you to buy tickets in advance, which can save you time at the ticket office. Check the official website or […]