Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

provides for retired and overworked elephants that have previously been used in the tourism or logging industries.

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary aims to provide a natural and comfortable environment for the elephants, with areas of forest for them to roam in and a river for them to bathe in. The elephants are able to socialize and interact with each other, and are provided with a healthy diet of natural foods such as bamboo and bananas.


Each round of the program takes two hours to complete.

  • 25–30 minute
    introduction by a knowledgeable tour leader
  • 20 minute
    preparing the elephant meal.
  • 15 minute
    spent in the mud with elephants
  • 20 – 30 minute
    bathing with elephants
  • 30 minute
    break with seasonal fruit and water given before returning.

Package Include


• Each round-trip distance to the sanctuary takes roughly two hours.
• Use the single-section, roofed pickup truck owned by the corporation.

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Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

This was an amazing experience!! Up close with two beautiful giants, that you can feed, pet and wash!! The staff are very kind and funny and have a great relationship with the elephants!! It’s all very ethical and the animals are all rescues with staff living on site.

Felix Sack

Excellent experience! Very nice staff, happy, kind, and full of elephant 🐘 information. A wonderful way to spend time with these beautiful animals ❤️

Edward Woodcroft

We had the most wonderful experience here yesterday. Highly recommend visiting. We had a small group and the staff were knowledgeable, took photos for us, and were friendly. The elephants were just beautiful to interact with.

Sarah Harding

The knowledge, care and love for the elephants by the staff is heart warming. These elephants are well looked after. My wife and I visited and found it to be so rewarding. Currently only 2 elephants at the Sanctuary, with the support of us the visitors, many more elephants can enjoy a well deserved pampered life.

Rod Sawtell

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As Southeast Asians, we have a common elephant history. Elephants are a traditional symbol of our culture. As a result, we have seen many elephants that are still used for work and entertainment. So, many exhausted and elderly elephants require rest and a safe place to live.

Concerning this issue, our goal is to assist and support all elephants that have been used for work and entertainment for many years in finding a suitable and safe habitat for rest and retirement. Our first hub is in Krabi, Thailand, where many elephants need assistance returning to nature.

With all of our experience, we decided to establish a new hub in Cambodia under the name “Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary” to serve as a support center for those elephants and to provide the best tourist experience to observe the elephants in the style of the Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary.